A Few Thank-You's...
No-one gets anywhere worthwhile in life on his or her own.

Many thanks to all the friends who follow our exploits all around the country...this is YOUR show! We know that many of you travel great distances to be with us. It is a privilege to perform for you.

Thank you to everyone (many, many) who compliment our work. It gives us great satisfaction to know that you enjoy our antics too.

Thank you to the friends who have offered us constructive criticism, your sincere input has improved the quality and content of our shows.

Thank you to our friends in Equity who have helped, encouraged and applauded our efforts.

Thank you to the other artistes we have worked with, who have have befriended us, helped us, and who have been such great fun.

Thank you to the many organisers of events, parties and the like, for giving us the opportunity to be part of your day.

Thank you to all of our friends who have given us gifts large and small, simple or extravagant, many of which are of practical use in our shows; a lot of thought and kindness is behind these gifts, they are all gratefully and humbly received and accepted. Thank you.

Thank you for the bananas...even to the Axis lads!

You all know who you are! Thank you again.

Fondest regards,

Dickie and Dolly.